What is Sevalaya?

Sevalaya has helped over 1 million people in India during the pandemic by providing food, ventilators, and other relief packages. We partnered with them to help provide Education to children in rural villages in India.

How do I become a Tutor in Sevalaya?

Please fill out the form below. Sessions occur Sunday 6:30pm Eastern Time every week. You will be provided with content!

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How do I log hours?

Hours will be logged through Educationist.

1) Create an Educationist account on the dashboard as a tutor.
2) Add the "Sevalaya" student account
3) After every club meeting, log hours on the dashboard (secretary should confirm hours based on the emails)

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Make an impact in the community around YOU!
1) Provide food, shelter, clothing, education, and medical services to underprivileged and orphaned children.
2) Provide assistance to victims of natural calamities.
3) Support rural development and upliftment of poor sections by providing job related training.
4) Provide food, clothing, and shelter to homeless people.