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Information on how to start an Educationist chapter at your school!

This page has information about Educationist’s Chapter program and creating a club at your school sponsored by Educationist.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) and the form to apply for an Educationist chapter can be found at the bottom of this page.

***You will need to fill out the Educationist Chapter form AND your school's application for the club process.

What is an Educationist Chapter?

An Educationist Chapter is a miniature version of Educationist localized to a school. By this we mean a club at school or university that partakes in similar activities as Educationist, namely tutoring other students. Think of it as a tutoring club but with the backing of the Educationist logo and program. The Chapter has access to all of Educationists resources such as its content curation program and its non-profit status.

What will an Educationist Chapter do?

The Educationist Chapter will tutor students of the same or different school as the chapter. This can look like physically going to middle or elementary schools or helping tutor at your own college or high school. Either way, the chapter should help students tutor the subjects that Educationist offers (see more on our website) on a regular basis (this basis can be determined by the Chapter’s president).

Why should I create an Educationist Chapter?

An Educationist Chapter can fulfill any volunteer hour required for NJHS, NHS, or any program of that sort. It is also a great way to give back to the community by helping local students academically. Additionally, it is a great place to practice leadership and community building through the Chapter Roles (elaborated on later). 

How can I open an Educationist Chapter?

There are two steps to creating an Educationist Chapter at your school. Firstly, you must get approval from us to open the chapter. This is done by submitting and filling out the application form at the end of this packet. Once approved, you must also fill out your school's application to create a club. These applications depend on the school so research into your school's student council or club application process. We wish you best of luck!

How do I log hours?

1) Create an Educationist account on the dashboard as a student
2) Manually match yourself with a student using the Student Transfer Form 
3) Confirm that your classes are visible from the dashboard
4) After every club meeting, log hours on the dashboard (secretary should confirm hours based on the emails)

What are the Educationist Chapter Roles?

There are three roles to the Educationist Chapter.

1. President

    The President will oversee and handle the Educationist Chapter at large. They will work with all other roles to ensure meetings are occurring on a regular basis and will sign off any hours if needed. More specifically, the president should be concerned with all logistical issues with the home school (the school the chapter is situated in). This means ensuring that the club is valid and meeting all requirements such as minimum meeting hours or student council attendance. The President has the authority to call meetings when necessary. 

2. Vice-President

    The Vice-President should assist the president in their roles and specifically be focused with all logistical issues at other locations such as the schools that are being tutored (non-domestic schools). These obligations include messaging other schools times to tutor or transportation. The Vice-President should communicate with the President to ensure smooth transitions. 

3. Secretary

    The Secretary has the responsibility of logging attendance at general meetings and keeping track of hours. Our website includes a way to track hours, but we highly recommend a decentralized, local way to track them. The Secretary should also manage any emails or questions about the club and communicate with the President and Vice-President. We believe in a more hands off way of running these chapter programs and thus the President has freedom to change their club constitution and regulate their own club. We will meet with the President when needed to check on any problems and ensure the chapter is running smoothly.

Finally, we would like to stress that these chapter programs are free volunteering - there should be no member dues or costs to tutoring. We wish you good luck on applying!

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