Why should I become a student?

Educationist Tutoring offers mentoring services for students for free. So why is this so valuable? Well, there are many great reasons you should become a student at Educationist.

Why Should I Become a Student?

1] Academic Performance

The more times you practice something, the better you will be at it. In other words, practice makes perfect. The way you perfect grades is through practice, making tutoring very important for academic performance. Tutoring should act as an introduction or reinforcement to material that is either new or needs work on. This will drastically improve the knowledge and scores of the student. 

2] Mentoring
People should always strive for improvement, but it can be hard to see what to aspire to. This is where the mentor/role model plays an important role. Educationist is not another tutoring program but tries to build a bond between the student and tutor which allows for not only better tutoring but also better communication and character skills.

3] International Perspectives

Schools in the same state may have diversity, but nothing can beat getting knowledge from multiple different international perspectives. This manifests in forms like solving a problem differently or learning about a different opinion. This allows the student to build critical thinking skills and a wide variety of knowledge. 

4] Breadth of Knowledge

Our tutoring program offers different types of classes compared to regular tutoring programs. For example, we offer chess, coding, and philosophy. These courses are rare to come by and are important to knowing different things from everyone else. English and Math can be found anywhere, but our extracurriculars made us unique. 

In addition, the waiting time for a student to get paired with a tutor is only 3-5 days.

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