Why should I become a tutor?

Why Should I Become a Educationist Tutor?

1] Volunteering Hours

Educationist Tutoring has officially become a nonprofit, allowing us to give out volunteering hours that can be used for fulfill certain club requirements, such as NJHS, Boy/Girl scouts, or in college applications. Going to competitive colleges requires you to stand out from everyone else and volunteering hours is a fantastic way of doing so.

2] Academic Performance

In order to teach a subject, a tutor must understand the subject first. By becoming a tutor and reading through our premade slideshows, you can brush up on certain subjects you might be unsure on. For example, teaching an Algebra 1 course will make you review those concepts in order to teach, ensuring you also have a good understanding. 

3] Community

Something we pride ourselves on is emphasizing our community. We have a a tutor discord where tutors come together to talk with others and executives to make a better tutoring community. We love feedback and are always willing to listen to the concerns of tutors.

4] Flexibility

We have modeled our tutoring model on accessibility. We try to break financial, technology, and international barriers that impede tutoring. Additionally, even if you might be under a strict schedule, you get to pick the time you teach! We do not burden our tutors to a certain time but instead work with both students and tutors to reach a time that is comfortable with everyone.

If you are interested in becoming a tutor, please visit: https://educationisttutoring.org/apply-to-be-a-tutor

Are you unsure if you have enough time to tutor? Consider becoming a content curator! Content curators have very flexible timings. See https://educationisttutoring.org/why-should-I-become-a-content-curator for more details.

An article from Harvard about some benefits of volunteering: https://www.health.harvard.edu/mind-and-mood/volunteering-can-be-good-for-both-mind-and-body

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