Featured in a Coimbatore Newspaper + YouTube Interview + Tik Tok

Left- Nikhil Devaraj, Middle: Aaditya Ganesan, Right: Aniruddh Mishra

On July 2nd, 2020, Covia Mail, a well known newspaper in Coimbatore, published an article discussing the formation of Educationist. This article explored the mission statement of the organization and why the founders took the initiative to pursue such a goal. Additionally, there was an explanation as to how the organization ran in its incipient stage with Zoom classes for coding.

Covai Mail Youtube Interview

In this video, the executives of Educationist talk about their journey and what they hope for the future.

Viral Tik Tok Post

On July 25th, a TikTok video was uploaded to our account (@educationisttutoring). Within a few days, it reached a whopping total of 100,000 views! Due to this, we saw an influx of tutors who use social media, and it gave us the growth we needed. Before this post, we were only getting a few applications a week, but now, we have been getting at least a dozen new tutors per day! On top of all of these new applications, we have been getting thousands of views on our website per day, while we used to get only a couple hundred (on good days)!

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