FAQ Page

Tutor FAQs:

How much time do I need to spend tutoring each week?
You can do as many sessions as you want, but we expect you to tutor at least one 30-minute session per week.

How long will it take to be paired with a student?
After we accept you, we will pair you with a student within 3-5 days.

Update: Due to the influx of applicants, we expect that it will take 1-2 weeks to get paired with a student, maybe less or more. In the meantime, you can apply to become a content curator.

How do we pair tutors with students?
We have developed a code that helps us match up students and tutors more efficiently.

How do we communicate with our students?
Right now, we are mainly using the Zoom platform to communicate with students, but other platforms such as Google Meet and WhatsApp will be okay as long as it works for BOTH you and your student.

Why should I tutor?
Tutoring is a great opportunity to not only get volunteer hours but to connect with like-minded passionate students. You also get the unique opportunity to help students around the world.

What if I don’t speak any Indian languages?
It is perfectly okay if you don’t speak any Indian languages because we will make sure to pair you with a student that is okay with a tutor that is teaching in English.

Student FAQs:

How do we pair tutors with students?
We have developed a code that helps us match up students and tutors more efficiently.

How can we ensure that Educationist is safe and secure?
Security is core to our offering. Classes are offered through zoom, google meet, WhatsApp and other online meeting apps. Our tutors go through an interview process that involves discussion of core values, their personality, their professionalism, and their subject matter expertise. Parents can join the sessions if they wish to do so and provide feedback to the tutors to suit their needs.

What syllabuses do we support?
CBSE, IB,AP, Cambridge ICGSE, and US Curriculum

Content Curator FAQs:

How do I know what content to create?
Email us and we’ll let you know or you can ask one of your tutors in a communication channel we provide to you once you get accepted.

Is there an interview?
No, before getting accepted into our content curation team you will send us a sample resource and based on our evaluation of that resource we will either accept or reject you.

Parent FAQs:

What if parents have questions that need to addressed by an adult?
Our team is supported by an adult advisory team who are core educationist and seasoned in their fields. They can submit a request to talk to any of the advisors and one of the advisors can talk to the parents if required.

How can we ensure the progress of the student?
Parents can work with the tutors to take help on what their goals are and how they can plan to achieve the goals. Tutors are passionate about what they do and they will try their level best to work with students to see their progress.

How can I help educationist as a parent?
Please share information about our services with your family and friends. Tell them about our cause and what it is we do. You can also donate and regularly fill out the student feedback form to let us know what we can improve on. Any help goes a long way!

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